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  • Fabulux Scoops 2021 Red Dot Award for Rental Staging LED solution

    Fabulux Scoops 2021 Red Dot Award for Rental Staging LED solution


    LED manufacturer Fabulux is proud to announce we have won the Red Dot Product Design award for the rental staging LED solution, the Alpha plus series. The Red Dot Design Award has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Established in 1955, the Product Design award is presented to the best products created each year, as decided by a jury of 40 international experts on product innovation. Winners of the award are judged on a range of elements, such as innovation, functionality, quality, and ecological compatibility. Commenting on the winning Alpha plus Series, the Red Dot Award’s jury praised “The Alpha LED display convinces with a strong design and ergonomically meaningful details." Due to its innovative features and a truly revolutionary experience, the product deservedly won the Red Dot Awards prize in 2021, opening a new chapter in rental display design. It will change your rental experience in all kinds of different ways. Meanwhile, The intelligently designed, low-maintenance Alpha LED display for stages boasts a semi-automatic locking and unlocking system alongside other features which make it quick to install and uninstall. Paired with redesigned handles, the precise locking mechanisms allow the displays to be assembled into video walls which are either straight or curved inward or outward. Complemented by a range of other useful functional details, the display offers improved heat dissipation, ensuring stable operation even in high-temperature environments.

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  • Fabulux win the China Red Star Design Award 2020

    Fabulux win the China Red Star Design Award 2020


    Congratulations! Fabulux Spider series is honored to get the 2020 China Red Star Design Award and is known as the "Chinese Design Oscar". Recognized in innovation, practicality, environmental protection, economy, craftsmanship and aesthetics. The Red Star Award is the only design award with international influence in China. In the 11 years since its establishment, it has played a huge role in improving people's quality of life, enhancing corporate competitiveness and promoting urban development by encouraging good design.

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  • Fabulux win the awards at 2020DAV

    Fabulux win the awards at 2020DAV


    2020.12.28, the results of the "2020 Top ten Brands in the Digital Audio and Visual Engineering industry" selection campaign sponsored by Digital Audio visual Engineering network and Digital Audio Visual Engineering magazine have been released. Digital Audio visual Engineering Network and Digital Audio Visual Engineering magazine have awarded MEDALS to the winners.The poll, by the dealer, engineering, business, terminal customers in industries such as relevant personage of the online voting, organized by digital audio-visual project network industry after expert review according to the selected companies in product development, product market, customer satisfaction, product after-sale service evaluates the performance of multiple dimensions, such as through layers of screening was elected excellent brands in various fields.With strong independent research and development ability, LED all-in-one machine and small pixel pitch LED , quietly amazing time, won the "LED All-in-one machine excellent brand" "LED display excellent brand" two awards! We focusing on outdoor high-light energy-saving LED display, commercial LED display, LED rental screen and other products research and development, production, sales and services, has always been committed to providing guaranteed, high-quality, all-round LED display products and solutions;The products sell well in North America, Europe, the Middle East and many other countries and regions, and are widely used in broadcasting , commercial real estate, municipal construction, financial securities, sports events, exhibitions and exhibitions, commercial advertisements, parks and squares, traffic induction, stage performances and other programs. The r&d team has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has rich experience in product r&d, design and innovation development. We focuses on product and technology innovation, with fully automatic production lines and various advanced quality testing equipment. Most of its products have passed THE EMC certification of TUV Laboratory in Germany, ETL certification in North America, UL, CE, FCC certification, etc. In the past 2020 , We mainly focus on, led energy-saving aluminum outdoor screen, through the implementation of innovative product research and development of platinum aluminum panel, further enrich the product line, formed to customer demand as the innovation power of product planning and development system, enhance and improve the core business of products and solutions, in the field of rental and small pixel pitch has accumulated a lot of cases, has received good feedback.This won the "LED all-in-one excellent brand" "LED display excellent brand" two major awards, is really deserving!

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  • Fabulux Outdoor LED Display Platinum Series Lights up in Pakistan

    Fabulux Outdoor LED Display Platinum Series Lights up in Pakistan


    Fabulux outdoor LED Display Platinum Series Lights up in Pakistan Fabulux recently completed a stunning installation in Pakistan. Towering high above the exterior of the building is a 45sqm outdoor display made up of Fabulux Platinum Series LED product. The pixel pitch of the display is P6.67mm and addresses all the crucial considerations when designing for this type of environment.  Platinum Series LED screen Helping to create an awe-inspiring impression for the building. The LED screen turned a highly interactive and dynamic environment and kept with the architectural design of the building. Exceptional quality and round the clock reliability are paramount. People always amazed by the Platinum Series LED product’s Compelling color performance and Stable quality. There are many factors that need to be considered when the display screen is installed outdoors. The ordinary outdoor LED display screen is made of plastic material, after a long time of exposure to the sun and rain, it will be damaged and even cause a fire. The Platinum series adopts all aluminum bottom shell, which has a good heat resistance and stability, and has 5VB fireproof level and IP65 protecting level, which could be used normally in an extremely hostile environment. 10000nits high brightness, which can be clearly seen even in direct sunlight. Platinum Series is one of the most innovative LED displays in the market that has been specially designed for outdoor applications such as Digital Signage System, Chain store, Street furniture, Billboard, Shopping Mall, etc. Light weight cabinet and front & rear service also make it become one of the most fast installation outdoor LED products. With a 960*960mm standard cabinet size, and different pixel pitch, offer various options for customer, suitable for any project application. 3840Hz high definition and contrast ratio helps the screen exceptional quality and more stable. The director of the project comments: “Fabulux Platinum Series LED product was the perfect choice for this project and the visual performance is even beyond our own expectations.”

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  • Fabulux LED Display Revitalize AREA15 Halloween Holiday Celebrating

    Fabulux LED Display Revitalize AREA15 Halloween Holiday Celebrating


    Fabulux LED Display Revitalize AREA15 Halloween Holiday Celebrating As the epicenter of live entertainment, Las Vegas is the ideal location for experimental entertainment and retail experiences, which is what visitors can expect from AREA15. AREA15 is a new type of immersive entertainment center in Las Vegas. It is described as a "completely remodeled world", As the world's first professional customized experiential retail and entertainment complex, AREA15 provides people with fascinating live activities, immersive VR experience and a variety of breakthrough technologies. In order to celebrate Halloween Holiday, AREA15 and Fabulux are dedicated to create a wonderful Halloween party and create an extraordinary personalized experience. Area15 uses Fabulux outdoor rental Master Series P3.9mm LED display, combined with HDR high dynamic technology,  the LED Screen presents a high-definition display effect, real-time playback of the origin of Halloween and the theme introduction of Area15 entertainment center, it provides ideal visual effects for tourists. The high protection level of IP54 protects the LED display screen from the bad weather and ensures long-term stable operation. Master series LED display showed a excellent panel flatness and high dynamic interaction, it consistent with the surrounding environment, and its visual performance is better than expected. Master series product is one of the most innovative LED displays in the market. 500 * 500mm standard cabinet size and the all-round super angle protection design, light and thin, which greatly reduces the installation and transportation costs. Five different angles are able to achieve concave and convex installation, and any other creative stitching. The product also has high refresh, high contrast, ultra wide color gamut, stable and reliable performance, which is the best choice for stage, festival celebration, concert, press conference and retail, etc. Fabulux is the most reliable LED display partner in the world with its advanced technology, reliable product quality and world-class service. Contact Fabulux team at

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  • Fabulux held outdoor activities for the Double Ninth Festival

    Fabulux held outdoor activities for the Double Ninth Festival


    Fabulux held outdoor activities for the Double Ninth Festival Oct 25th is one of the Chinese traditional festival-- Double Ninth Festival,  Double Ninth Festival has custom of climbing and chrysanthemum appreciation etc. On this day, Fabulux sales and marketing team climbed Qiniang Mountain, which is one of the toughest mountains in Shenzhen. The road on Qiniang Mountain is steep, but everyone was not overwhelmed by the difficulties. During the climb, everyone was sweaty and excited, and they talked and laughed intimately. The whole process of climbing was full of warmth and joy. They helped and encouraged each other. Fabulux team gave full play to the fine style of unity and hard work and bravery, they jointly completed the mountain climbing activities, climbed to the top, and had a panoramic view from the top of the mountain. Everything was in front of us. The scenery at the top of the mountain was very beautiful. The tension and pressure in work has been released to the fullest extent. Through this activity, the atmosphere of employees' love of sports, advocating sports and healthy upward will be strengthened. At the same time, it has cultivated a harmonious and upward corporate culture, enhanced the cohesion of employees, exercised the team spirit, and completed the work of the company better. Fabulux team will continue to move forward!

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