• Fabulux LED Display Revitalize AREA15 Halloween Holiday Celebrating

    Fabulux LED Display Revitalize AREA15 Halloween Holiday Celebrating


    Fabulux LED Display Revitalize AREA15 Halloween Holiday Celebrating As the epicenter of live entertainment, Las Vegas is the ideal location for experimental entertainment and retail experiences, which is what visitors can expect from AREA15. AREA15 is a new type of immersive entertainment center in Las Vegas. It is described as a "completely remodeled world", As the world's first professional customized experiential retail and entertainment complex, AREA15 provides people with fascinating live activities, immersive VR experience and a variety of breakthrough technologies. In order to celebrate Halloween Holiday, AREA15 and Fabulux are dedicated to create a wonderful Halloween party and create an extraordinary personalized experience. Area15 uses Fabulux outdoor rental Master Series P3.9mm LED display, combined with HDR high dynamic technology,  the LED Screen presents a high-definition display effect, real-time playback of the origin of Halloween and the theme introduction of Area15 entertainment center, it provides ideal visual effects for tourists. The high protection level of IP54 protects the LED display screen from the bad weather and ensures long-term stable operation. Master series LED display showed a excellent panel flatness and high dynamic interaction, it consistent with the surrounding environment, and its visual performance is better than expected. Master series product is one of the most innovative LED displays in the market. 500 * 500mm standard cabinet size and the all-round super angle protection design, light and thin, which greatly reduces the installation and transportation costs. Five different angles are able to achieve concave and convex installation, and any other creative stitching. The product also has high refresh, high contrast, ultra wide color gamut, stable and reliable performance, which is the best choice for stage, festival celebration, concert, press conference and retail, etc. Fabulux is the most reliable LED display partner in the world with its advanced technology, reliable product quality and world-class service. Contact Fabulux team at

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  • Fabulux held outdoor activities for the Double Ninth Festival

    Fabulux held outdoor activities for the Double Ninth Festival


    Fabulux held outdoor activities for the Double Ninth Festival Oct 25th is one of the Chinese traditional festival-- Double Ninth Festival,  Double Ninth Festival has custom of climbing and chrysanthemum appreciation etc. On this day, Fabulux sales and marketing team climbed Qiniang Mountain, which is one of the toughest mountains in Shenzhen. The road on Qiniang Mountain is steep, but everyone was not overwhelmed by the difficulties. During the climb, everyone was sweaty and excited, and they talked and laughed intimately. The whole process of climbing was full of warmth and joy. They helped and encouraged each other. Fabulux team gave full play to the fine style of unity and hard work and bravery, they jointly completed the mountain climbing activities, climbed to the top, and had a panoramic view from the top of the mountain. Everything was in front of us. The scenery at the top of the mountain was very beautiful. The tension and pressure in work has been released to the fullest extent. Through this activity, the atmosphere of employees' love of sports, advocating sports and healthy upward will be strengthened. At the same time, it has cultivated a harmonious and upward corporate culture, enhanced the cohesion of employees, exercised the team spirit, and completed the work of the company better. Fabulux team will continue to move forward!

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  • Fabulux Release the thinnest LED all-in-one Conference Solution

    Fabulux Release the thinnest LED all-in-one Conference Solution


    Fabulux Release the thinnest LED all-in-one Conference Solution LED ALL-IN-ONE conference solution as a major application trend in the conference market, in the traditional conference market, enterprises have been using more projectors and LCD display. In recent years, the introduction of large-scale led conference machine began to gradually replace and solve the limitations of projector and LCD size. Fabulux's latest intelligent commercial Maxpad LED all-in-one solution is a new breakthrough in the existing conference market. Fabulux as a professional LED display supplier, adheres to the enterprise values of "sincerity, trustworthiness and customer achievement", and constantly innovates and leads the future. Maxpad LED all-in-one solution has 112 inches, 135 inches, 158 inches, 180 inches, 225 inches flexbile sizes. It is suitable for different scenes, and suitable for government agencies, enterprises, education and training places, transportation and other places. Maxpad adopts ultra-thin design, the cabinet thickness is only 27mm, which is the thinnest LED conference solution in the industry. Maxpad features liner design, super light and simple, high refresh and super high color restoration above 3840hz, and super large size seamless display. Maxpad control system uses four core super CPU, mail v811 ultra-high performance GPU and 3G memory, running very smoothly and stably. 32g of storage space, which can be expanded to support more programs. Maxpad supports remote video conference, and supports multiple windows in the same frame, realizing zero distance, face-to-face communication, effectively reducing conference costs and improving conference efficiency. Multi screen network interaction, a variety of intelligent terminal remote control. It provides advanced 3D stereo source technology, live video effect, powerful conference writing function and simple touch operation, bringing immersive meeting experience.

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  •  Fabulux Platinum Series Leading Outdoor Fixed LED Display Market

    Fabulux Platinum Series Leading Outdoor Fixed LED Display Market


    Fabulux Platinum Series Leading Outdoor Fixed LED Display Market Fabulux New Launches Platinum Series Outdoor Fixed LED Display Hit the Market. The product has won a high praise by customer at domestic and abroad once it was released. The traditional LED display screen advertising form can only be shown in pictures and texts, and lack of creativity, which is easy to forget. Fabulux Platinum Platinum attracts the audience's active attention with intuitive and vivid advertising forms, which is more compulsory than traditional media. 1. 10000nits high brightness Platinum Series can achieve the brightness of 10000 nits, 30% redundancy while use 7000nits. LED attenuation 5%-9% every year and after 5 years still have around 7000nits. It could be seen clearly even under the strong sunlight. 2. Energy-Saving Platinum Series adapts CCES Technology makes the screen energy-saving by 60% compared with other products. Long lifespan and display effect is stable. 3. High Protective Performance Outdoor display screen has high requirements on protection level. Platinum Series front and rear protecting level is IP68/IP67. With the highest standard of waterproofing. All-day work, fully capable of any harsh environment, features with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof etc. 4. Strong Flame Resistance Traditional outdoor LED display screens are prone to fire because of quality problems and design defects, which bring great risks to personnel safety and customers' economy. Platinum Series all aluminum material, high temperature durability, fast heat dissipation with Noise-free, it is able to used at high temperature for a long time without deformation. Platinum Series reaches 5VB fireproofing level. 5. Recycling Platinum Series farewell to plastic shell, adapts die-casting aluminum chassis, high recycling efficiency, recycle rate is 90%. Fabulux has more than 10 years of experienced and professional R&D team, committed to innovation, Fabulux is striving to contribute to the development of LED industry.

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  • Fabulux New LED Video Wall Installed at Church, North America

    Fabulux New LED Video Wall Installed at Church, North America


    Fabulux New LED Video Wall Installed at Church, North America Recently another successful installation of Master series LED video wall installed at Church of North America. Fabulux LED Display solutions supported high resolution and contrast ratio image quality, for catering the demands of Churches worldwide. Master series comes with 500*500mm standard cabinet dimension,  it is available with 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm pixel pitch, great corner protection can prevent lamp bead collision, light-weight cabinet and fast installation saves transportation and labor cost. 5 different innovative sidelocks are able to build concave and convex LED video wall, seamless stitch achieves creative possibilities. Master series is one of Fabulux best-selling products for rental in global market, suitable for Concerts, Auto Show, Outdoor Stage Background. Master series is a “one for all” product that could be satisfy indoor, outdoor and mini rental applications, Master mini led combined with 4 in 1 Encapsulation technology, bring the LED Screen high color saturation and opens a new Era for LED display. The Church project selected Master indoor series, with pixel pitch of 2.6mm, 3840Hz ultra-high contrast ratio and wider color gamut, which keeps audiences engaged with the awe-inspiring images and words to immerse large and small congregations! As a professional LED Display supplier in China.  Fabulux team has more than 10 years-experience in this field. Customer’ satisfaction is always Fabulux’ biggest motivation!

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  • Fabulux being Award “Excellent LED display product” Prize at isle2020

    Fabulux being Award “Excellent LED display product” Prize at isle2020


    Fabulux being Award “Excellent LED display product” Prize at isle2020 Along with isle2020 be held last week(Aug 31- Sept 3),A lot of the latest technologies and products were on display at the exhibition. And various forums and award ceremonies were also held to exchange ideas on industry development and celebrate achievements. We are excited and be proud to announce  Fabulux ‘king star’ indoor rental product Spider series stands out among all LED products, was honored the “Excellent LED display product ” Award for its outstanding visual performance and unique design at this exhibition. Spider series is an ideal option for staging and events etc. This product features with 3840 high resolution and the ability to build a large LED screens at speed. Spider series comes in magnetic panel of 500*500mm, all the resolution pixel pitch share the same frame, HUB card, power supply, which is the perfect replacement for existing LED video walls. Light-weight and protective design helps people save lots of transportation and cost. And it is easy to achieve creative splicing, 5 angles rotative system(±3 º, ±6 º, 0 º)could be assembled into concave & convex shapes.

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