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  •   Fabulux launch the latest LED product at ISE 2020

    Fabulux launch the latest LED product at ISE 2020


    Fabulux launch the latest LED product at ISE ISE2020 kicked off as scheduled on RAI, Amsterdam.NL from 11th to14th February. Professional LED manufacturer Fabulux announced that the launch the latest LED product at the exhibition. The Thinpad series represents the forefront of technological innovation, pixel pitch from 1.5mm to 2.6mm is available, which is only 27mm Ultra-thin Silver Blade LED Display for Indoor Fixed installation. There is no doubt that it has been become the thinnest product of the world today. The product features a 16:9 golden ratio design, and can be easily splicing 2K/4K/8K screen, better visual enjoyment. With differently kinds of cabinet size, in order to meet customized options, it support N+1 connection, definitely the ideal for cost-effective. Various flexible installation like wall mounting, rigging installation, stacking installation, etc.   Master mini series is a new Era of rental display technology. With 4 in 1 encapsulation technology designed for concerts and event. It’s featured with no graininess and high color saturation. And it breakthrough visual design. Master series is lighter than competing solutions, each cabinet is just 8.5kg, and has good strengthened corner protection, which is so convenient and safe for long-distance transportation. The master series is easy to repair, even can do maintenance for single-pixel repairable. Besides, Master series also allows for concave and convex curving options for highly creative video wall designs; with horizontal free-adjustable variances of -6°to +6°, allowing fixed positioning at 0°, -3°,+3°, -6°,+6°. Innovative side-lock design brings fast, stable and accurate installation, could be achieve wave screen available, build a stunning high dynamic screen.     The Apollo series is a LED display that is designed for outdoor Fixed Advertising. The dimension of the product is 1540*866*105mm. It has pixel pitch with4. 8mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, provide different choice for any solutions. Apollo series is the first 16:9 ratio outdoor LED screen in this industry. Apollo series combined with a common Cathode Technology, make it reach a 10000nits high brightness and high contrast at low power consumption. It could be boost people’s authority & skyrocket people’s visibility. And Apollo series is totally front &rear service, it’s convenient and largely save time. All these products has draw a lot of attentions and become the popular products at ISE, please pay more attention on booth #12-P30. For further cooperation,please emial to or call to 0086 0755-61806688. 

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  • Fabulux officially released its Spider Series in India News Conference

    Fabulux officially released its Spider Series in India News Conference


    Fabulux officially released Indoor Rental Product Spider Series in India News Conference Fabulux Spider Series Releasing conference was held on Sept 25th 2019 in New Delhi, India, presenting our fine-pitch indoor rental solution onsite, which attracted a boardline of visitors and professionals. The recently launched Spider Series is a great step forward in a fine pixel pitch of LED display technology. The Spider series comes in magnetic panel of 500*500mm, all the resolution pixel pitch share the same frame, HUB card, power supply and support the hot-swap, which is the perfect replacement for existing LED video walls. With pixel pitches P1.9, 2.6, 2.9, 3.9 & 4.8mm, it is easy to achieve a high dynamic resolution display. The Spider panel design allows real front or rear maintenance with several options for installation; stacking and hanging system. With a panel depth of only 68mm, the installation space on site is kept to a minimum. Spider series has been the king of rental product, it becomes popular at home and aboard. The innovative lock system of Spider Series is designed with -6°, -3°, 0°, 3°, 6° altogether five curve degree options which can realize flexible and creative splicing, and its modules without bottom case design can perfect realize a smooth round or wave screen rotation splicing is available, and the screen size control is more flexible. Besides, there is a fantastic design on the power supply of Spider Series, just remove or install the power supply only in 5 seconds by one person, which saves time and labor cost. Spider Series is capable of meeting the needs of enterprise & commercial demand for HD video. Fabulux makes fabulous products! With our professionals's expertise & positive teamwork, Fabulux Spider Series is released successfully and made a new stage to explore India market. The positive participation in India news conference is also the move of Fabulux brand building as well as the market response warm. It is believed that Fabulux will keep on moving and dedicating to innovation in the future. Fabulux will bring much more surprises and do wonders for the world. Let's wait! For future cooperation, please email to: or call to 0086 0755-61806688.

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  •  Fabulux Brought its Indoor Rental Spider Series to Prolight & Sound 2019 in Dubai

    Fabulux Brought its Indoor Rental Spider Series to Prolight & Sound 2019 in Dubai


    Fabulux Brings Indoor Rental Spider Series to the Prolight+Sound 2019 Middle East The 3-day Prolight & sound 2019 Middle East exhibition held in Dubai world Trade exhibition center from 15th to 18th has finally come to a successful conclusion. As the world's leading communications industry and solutions provider, Prolight & sound is experiencing the industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, Internet, systems engineering and integration, automation and control systems, media control and a series of high and new technology as the manufacturer's selling point, which is applied to the communication and integration solutions has become the mainstream in the conference system. Fabulux integrated of its indoor rental product Spider Series gorgeous appearance, also it represents an opportunity to meet from all over the world for the first time. The design of the exhibition booth shows ingenuity. The appearance of Spider2.9 products gives visitors a different visual experience, bring the new products and new technologies to more professionals. In particular, through the broadcasting of video source, more people saw the shock of high dynamic display effect of Spider series products, which attracted a large number of visitors to visit, and became the most popular product in this exhibition, and has got a highly appreciated. The appearance of Spider products not only shows the unique design style, but also shows the commonality of each other's unremitting pursuit of quality. Spider series products are suitable for indoor leasing. The design style of this product is very unique and practical, which is very popular at home and abroad. As it is a rental product, it cannot avoid knocking against the lamp in the process of transportation, which may cause damage to the lamp. Great corner protection saves people a lot of cost and extends the service life of the product. In addition, Spider products are easy to maintain, front and back, and even more remarkable is that they can be assembled into curved shapes, have five different radian locks, are creative, flatness, and 5-second power replacement is one of the most perfect designs for this product. As a professional LED display manufacturers, through the use of its expertise in technology and services to provide customers with quality products, efficient services and more ideal LED display solutions. Fabulux is becoming to be a top brand of LED display and we are looking forward to working together with you to create a fabulous future! If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us by email:

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  • Fabulux Shines at GITEX 2019 Middle East

    Fabulux Shines at GITEX 2019 Middle East


    Fabulux Shines at GITEX 2019 Middle East The 35th 2019 GITEX was officially held at Dubai World Trade Centre from 5th to 10th , 2019 GITEX brings Fabulux products to the Middle East Stage. Deep cultivation of LED display application technology, excellent product performance benchmark, comprehensive and thoughtful service system, which enables Fabulux to expand its business into international market and get ready for the next station. Dubai is rich and luxurious, it has always been known as the hub of Middle East market, and known as “Hong Kong” of the Middle East. GITEX as one of the largest and most extensive computer information exhibition in the Middle East, 2019 GITEX focusing on emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, future travel and smart life, GITEX has attracted thousands of companies from all over the world to attend the exhibition. Thousands of exhibitors from all over the world gathered here, all kinds of new technology stage competition, radiation countries business opportunities, Fabulux gets the sword can pull out the scabbard, shows the China style. 2019 GITEX Fabulux LED is providing hundred SQM Spider series LED screen for the booths here, it attracts a large number of tourists, on-site staff warmly received customers and made a in-depth conversation with customers to guide the experience, negotiated cooperation intension, it had a strong atmosphere. Fabulux indoor rental application Spider Series is light in size, and Spider series is provided with good corner protection, which can prevent damage caused by collision during transportation, installation and disassembly, it can save people cost and material resources to a large extent. Spider series can be maintained by front and rear service, what's more Spider series is designed with innovative lock, which can achieve creative screen design. Besides, 5 seconds to replace power supply, in this way, which can save lots of time for people, it improves work efficiency. Rich and diversified products meet different market demands, which is the focus of customer attention. Overseas customers will have a deeper understanding of Fabulux through the 2019 GITEX. The GITEX also made Fabulux gain recognition and compliment in the international field. Fabulux will be dedicated to continuous innovation and strived to be a traveler of The Times. For more info, please email to or call to 0086 0755-61806688. we’ll be here with you.

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  • 4 Things You Need To Know About Prolight & Sound Exhibition Middle East

    4 Things You Need To Know About Prolight & Sound Exhibition Middle East


    4 Things You Need To Know About Prolight & Sound Exhibition Middle East 1. Profile about the Prolight & Sound Prolight & Sound Middle East’s dedicated exhibition and conference for Professional Lighting, Audio & AV Technology. The 4th edition of Prolight + Sound Middle East will take place from 15 – 17 October 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The previous edition welcomed more than 2,770 trade visitors from 67 countries, hosting 42 exhibitors representing 100+ brands, as well as 15 first-time manufacturers exhibiting from Europe, USA and Canada. Dates: 15 - 17 October 2019 Timings: 10am - 6pm  on all 3 days Venue: Hall 4, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE 2. Visitors of the Prolight & Sound Who should visit? Event & AV rental companies; System integrators & AV installation companies; Distributors, wholesalers and retailers of lighting, sound & AV products; Venues, Installers and End Users such as  hotels, nightclubs, bars, entertainment venues, theme parks, concert venues, stadiums, airports, retail outlets, shopping malls, mosques and religious venues Service providers such as lighting designers, audio engineers and acoustical consultants; Developers & project owners; Government & trade associations; If you’re interested in AV events or want to make some decent money on AV industry, you can have a visit in this Exhibition, you’ll find some reliable suppliers, trustful vendors, latest AV products, this Exhibition won’t let you down. 3. Products of the Prolight & Sound a. Lighting technology b. Sound + PA Equipment c. Projection & LED Display d. Laser Technology & Effects e. Stage Technology f. Truss Systems g. Conference & Communication Technology h. Equipment, Infrastructure & Furnishings 4. Exhibitors of the Prolight & Sound Shenzhen Fabuluxled Display Company which focus on developing and manufacturing led display screens for many years, this time they will bring their latest Spider Series led screen on the Booth No. F24, Hall 4 at Dubai World Trade Center, here are the profile and pros of Spider Series, let’s take a sneak peek now: Spider Series is Designed for Rental Indoor LED Display Solution Dimension: 500*500*68mm Pixel Pitch Indoor: 1.9mm, 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm Applications: Conference room, Church, Events, etc. Key Features: ● Magnetic panel system ● Strengthened corner protection ● Rigging & stacking installation ● Curving system achievable ● Easy maintenance If you have demand on led screens and led displays, just come and see them on the Exhibition Hall 4 Booth F24, or visit for more details, see you on 15th-17th October on Dubai.

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