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  • Fabulux invites you to join us at ISLE 2020

    Fabulux invites you to join us at ISLE 2020


    Fabulux invite you to join us at ISLE 2020

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  • Fabulux Lights up Red To  Support Live Event Industry

    Fabulux Lights up Red To Support Live Event Industry


    Fabulux Lights up Red To Support Live Event Industry Tonight, Fabulux was proud to participated in “night of light” initiative, to light building red to support and solidarity to the events industry worldwide. Event companies across the world are lighting their buildings red to raise awareness of the impact COVID-19 has had on the events industry across the globe. The initiative was organized by a company in Germany and was a massive success. Concerts, festivals or events that were not allowed to hold since Germany entered lockdown in March. It energized theatres, art centers, live music venues, technical production, and rental companies and associated individuals and freelancers everywhere, who were able to enjoy the camaraderie of working together once again on a massive national event with real purpose … after many months of the industry being closed and shuttered. over 9,000 other businesses pledged their participation, market participants hope to find ways and means to resolve the crisis from the participating economies and policy dialogue. Live Event Industry is one of the most impacted industries in the times of the global pandemic, but our industry and community are resilient. we believe that we will get through this and get back to producing great live events again soon.

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  • Fabulux Establishes Service Center in Dubai

    Fabulux Establishes Service Center in Dubai


    Fabulux Establishes Service Center in Dubai Fabulux opened a service center in Middle East, Dubai, aiming to provide World-Class Service for all current and new customers across Middle East. Until now we have fully established a complete Integrated Networks team, could provide technical communications and support for wide range of projects at any time. We have been working hard over the past months to develop this new division in Middle East, and we have equipped with the latest technology and professional technicians to offer our clients the best event communication. This marks a further expansion of the established global network that Fabulux is committed to expanding its global service. Our new facility not only has a strategic  location and an adequate reserve of spare parts, but also offers comprehensive training and showrooms to further enhance the communication between our customers and technical experts. Welcome to Visit our Dubai Service Center and Showroom.

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  • Fabulux Inpad P1.9 Applied to Shenzhen Medical Research Institute

    Fabulux Inpad P1.9 Applied to Shenzhen Medical Research Institute


    Fabulux Inpad P1.9 Applied to Shenzhen Medical Research Institute With the continuous development of LED display technology, Fabulux  is always dedicated in constant innovation. Recently, Fabulux delivered a amazing Inpad P1.9 LED screen for Shenzhen Medical Research Institute. We helped the medical Research Institute modernize their showroom with Inpad P1.9 LED screen,  and could be showcase the latest product information for them, greatly improving the brand promotion effect. The area of the screen is 15㎡, Fabulux arranged few professional engineers accurately measure the structure of the whole screen and the size of the cabinet to ensure the seamless assembly. In response to the general needs of the market, Fabulux sets a standard cabinet size with 250X500mm, 250X750mm, 250X1000mm, it offers a variety of options for different projects. Inpad Series is very lightweight and thin,  the cabinet weighs to 6.3kg, and the thickness is only 42mm, the product is an ideal choice for indoor fixed applications, it could be used for various instllations such as wall-mounted, stacking, rigging, etc, and flexible wall-mounted helps save structure, space and installation cost. Inpad Series adopts CNC technology to provide LED screen high quality image and brilliant contrast ratio, bring an exceptional display experience. Besides, this product featuring with arbitrary angle design, concave or convex installation is available, easily to achieve creative solutions,  Fabulux developed this product for various projects. Inpad Series is popular within domestic and overseas markets has a wide range of applications, like Conference Room, Traffic Command Center, Shopping Mall, Schools, Monitoring Rooms, etc. Fabulux indoor fixed products will create more publicity value for brands in the future.

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  • Fabulux New Launches-Magicpad Series is for Magic Design

    Fabulux New Launches-Magicpad Series is for Magic Design


    Fabulux New Launches-Magicpad Series is for Magic Design As a industry-leading LED Display manufacturer, Fabulux launches a new indoor fixed commercial product – Magicpad Series. Magicpad Series is an innovative LED display that has been specifically designed for supermarket, Shelf, Chain store, and Warehouse, etc. The product with pixel pitch is P1.95mm, and it is available in two standard sizes: 1000*93.75mm, 750*93.75mm. Magicpad Series has the characteristics of Alternative GOB Module design, it could better keep the screen more reliable, and make it anti-crash, waterproof and dust-proof. Fabulux developed this product put people’s security and convenience in mind, Magicpad Series has a Ultra light& Slim feature, the weighs only 3kg and comes with wireless connection structure. And it is totally front maintenance, all components can be front access, just 5 seconds to replace one module. More importantly, Magicpad Series was built in power supply, no need external power box,  and no cable inside, more stable signal. The cabinet achieves fast installation, which effectively improves the installation efficiency. Besides, The product helps save transportation and  labor cost. Magicpad Series delivers high contrast ratio and wide color gamut, provides a seamless visual image for many different solutions, and could be realizes various creative-splicing like convex, concave or any other different angles, Fabulux has been as a high-end customized solution provider. In the LED display market, Based on the "innovation is our soul" business philosophy, Fabulux is always committed to research and development products that meet customers' needs!

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  • What's The Thinnest LED Panel in the market now ?

    What's The Thinnest LED Panel in the market now ?


    What's The Thinnest LED Panel in the market now ? In 2010 when LED screen business start booming , Iron or aluminum panel were widely use for LED screen. Desay Yaham ,Liantronics Unilumin used a lot . Thickness range from 140-180mm. weight up to 40-60kg/sqm. which is not an easy job for transportation, installation ,fabrication and service etc. It takes a big wooden box for shipping, one 40 HQ container max can fit 200sqm,for urgent job,shipping by air is very pricey . If its on the wall ,need to prepare strong structure to hold the LED also need to calculate if the wall can take certain amount of weight. normally need 5-6 person to handle installation,with big machinery to assist. the biggest headache part is that not easy to do adjustment of the gaps due to heavy duty . after the screen installed, the screen from the wall nearly 1 m(structure +cat walk+ screen thickness). From contract signed to finish the installation takes more than 2 months. 1m space from the wall ,its huge .around 2012 came out the front open cabinet. but its more for small led wall height not more than 2 m .   In 2014 the market come out a solution put magnetic on module frame. Absen, Esdulumen came out 1m x 0.5m aluminum alloy panel,to save the space.which can make screen from the wall around 200-250mm depth. that's a big improvement. For indoor ,save space means save money.we need less space .In 2016 Esdlumen come out Bim series.saved support structure,saved module frames which make it 45mm thickness of the panel. that's a bench-market.                                     45mm is the limits ? definitely not . Infiled come out a series WP 29.5mm that's super slim.but installation must need structure which increase the space. 29.5mm is the limits ? Fabulux given an answer :27mm tickness. directly installed on the wall(if the wall is flat) saved structure from the wall is only 30-35mm a photo frame on the wall. weight only 5kg/panel , for urgent job If shipping by air, only 20 kg/sqm(after package around 23kg/sqm) . less than 20sqm ,can finish the installation in 1-2 days by 2 persons. Fabulux is a new force in the market.A group of people with more than 10 years experiences in R&D, Production technology, quality control,supply chain etc. dedicated to make fabulous products .

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