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/Fabulux officially released its Spider Series in India News Conference

Fabulux officially released its Spider Series in India News Conference


Fabulux officially released Indoor Rental Product Spider Series in India News Conference

Fabulux Spider Series Releasing conference was held on Sept 25th 2019 in New Delhi, India, presenting our fine-pitch indoor rental solution onsite, which attracted a boardline of visitors and professionals.

The recently launched Spider Series is a great step forward in a fine pixel pitch of LED display technology. The Spider series comes in magnetic panel of 500*500mm, all the resolution pixel pitch share the same frame, HUB card, power supply and support the hot-swap, which is the perfect replacement for existing LED video walls. With pixel pitches P1.9, 2.6, 2.9, 3.9 & 4.8mm, it is easy to achieve a high dynamic resolution display. The Spider panel design allows real front or rear maintenance with several options for installation; stacking and hanging system. With a panel depth of only 68mm, the installation space on site is kept to a minimum. Spider series has been the king of rental product, it becomes popular at home and aboard.

The innovative lock system of Spider Series is designed with -6°, -3°, 0°, 3°, 6° altogether five curve degree options which can realize flexible and creative splicing, and its modules without bottom case design can perfect realize a smooth round or wave screen rotation splicing is available, and the screen size control is more flexible. Besides, there is a fantastic design on the power supply of Spider Series, just remove or install the power supply only in 5 seconds by one person, which saves time and labor cost. Spider Series is capable of meeting the needs of enterprise & commercial demand for HD video.

Fabulux makes fabulous products! With our professionals's expertise & positive teamwork, Fabulux Spider Series is released successfully and made a new stage to explore India market. The positive participation in India news conference is also the move of Fabulux brand building as well as the market response warm. It is believed that Fabulux will keep on moving and dedicating to innovation in the future. Fabulux will bring much more surprises and do wonders for the world. Let's wait! For future cooperation, please email to: or call to 0086 0755-61806688.

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