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/ Fabulux Brought its Indoor Rental Spider Series to Prolight & Sound 2019 in Dubai

Fabulux Brought its Indoor Rental Spider Series to Prolight & Sound 2019 in Dubai


Fabulux Brings Indoor Rental Spider Series to the Prolight+Sound 2019 Middle East

The 3-day Prolight & sound 2019 Middle East exhibition held in Dubai world Trade exhibition center from 15th to 18th has finally come to a successful conclusion. As the world's leading communications industry and solutions provider, Prolight & sound is experiencing the industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, Internet, systems engineering and integration, automation and control systems, media control and a series of high and new technology as the manufacturer's selling point, which is applied to the communication and integration solutions has become the mainstream in the conference system. Fabulux integrated of its indoor rental product Spider Series gorgeous appearance, also it represents an opportunity to meet from all over the world for the first time.

The design of the exhibition booth shows ingenuity. The appearance of Spider2.9 products gives visitors a different visual experience, bring the new products and new technologies to more professionals. In particular, through the broadcasting of video source, more people saw the shock of high dynamic display effect of Spider series products, which attracted a large number of visitors to visit, and became the most popular product in this exhibition, and has got a highly appreciated. The appearance of Spider products not only shows the unique design style, but also shows the commonality of each other's unremitting pursuit of quality.

Spider series products are suitable for indoor leasing. The design style of this product is very unique and practical, which is very popular at home and abroad. As it is a rental product, it cannot avoid knocking against the lamp in the process of transportation, which may cause damage to the lamp. Great corner protection saves people a lot of cost and extends the service life of the product. In addition, Spider products are easy to maintain, front and back, and even more remarkable is that they can be assembled into curved shapes, have five different radian locks, are creative, flatness, and 5-second power replacement is one of the most perfect designs for this product.

As a professional LED display manufacturers, through the use of its expertise in technology and services to provide customers with quality products, efficient services and more ideal LED display solutions. Fabulux is becoming to be a top brand of LED display and we are looking forward to working together with you to create a fabulous future! If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us by email:

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