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China Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Market Report You Want To Know


China Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Market Report You Want To Know

In the first half of 2019, affected by the overall macroeconomic and investment environment, the overall size of China's commercial led display market only achieved a small increase. According to relevant data, the market scale of the commercial led display market in China in 2019H1 reached 4.5 billion USD, a year-on-year increase of 3.7%. Compared with the overall market, the growth of the large led screen splicing market is at a high level. The data shows that the sales of the 2019H1 China's large-screen splicing market (including DLP, LCD, and LED small pitch) have reached 1.05 billion USD, a year-on-year increase. 23.7%. In this three-pronged situation, what is the performance of small pixel pitch LED Display spacing?

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Gets Slamming Technology

According to the survey, China's large led screen splicing market can account for 61% of the world, LED display products can account for 57% in the Chinese market, and the global competitiveness of LED companies is also strengthening. In recent years, the competition in the large led screen splicing market has become more and more fierce. At present, the domestic large led screen splicing industry still presents three technologies of LCD, DLP and LED small pixel pitch. It is worth mentioning that LCD is currently at low price competition. DLP is facing internal and external problems, including cost and external pressure. In contrast, the small pixel pitch spacing of LEDs has been continually leaping forward. LEDs have a small gap and grow at a high speed. The development momentum is fierce. There are relatively large threats to LCD and DLP. From the perspective of existing product layout, small pixel pitch led display is more balanced and comprehensive development. The situation has accelerated the popularity of the market.

The small pixel pitch LED display market has formed a pattern of P1.2 leading high-end, P1.5 main performance card and P1.8 leading price market. In particular, further market price wars have made the P1.8-class products almost become the “super-economic large led screen technology” acceptable to the third- and fourth-line markets, and have become a weapon for the continuous increase of the small pixel pitch LED display market. At the same time, COB technology's small pixel pitch LED product market has further increased brand participation, supply richness and product quality, and market awareness has also been greatly improved. As one of the next-generation small pixel pitch LED technology routes, COB technology brings internal competition and vitality to the small pixel pitch LED display market, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the entire industry and provides sufficient “technical stamina” for the future market.

LED Display Screen Enterprises Focus More on Comprehensive Service Capabilities.

The essence of the high-end market reflects the technical and service strength of LED display manufacturers, and it also puts more demanding "task" requirements to LED display manufacturers. With the rapid development of big data information, the large led screen splicing products carry not only the function of the display terminal, but also the high-efficiency analysis of massive data information, and then display the analysis results, effectively assisting management decisions. Based on the needs of these markets, in order to facilitate the operation and management of the system, the small pixel pitch led display will be more technology integrated into the future. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of display technology, the high-definition display requirements in the high-end display field will be more The higher the distance, the smaller the spacing will be.

In addition, the development of traditional small pixel pitch LED display has its inherent “progressive” features: that is, most brands in the market are gradually transitioning from outdoor LED display to large pixel pitch LED display technology to smaller pixel pitch products, and then enter P2.5. The "small pixel pitch" and "micro pixel pitch" markets below the pitch, and gradually become more widely used in the field of indoor display. Different from the development of traditional LED display, the field of large-screen splicing is an application-oriented field, not a technical field. This makes the concept of integrated display services more and more emerging. LED display companies to develop product layout based on customer resource advantages, is a good strategy. For example, many security-initiated brands have established product solutions covering all display technology categories, while companies with small-pitch LEDs can also participate in display panels such as LCD and DLP to realize the role of integrated display service providers.

In any industry, the survival of the fittest is the inevitable development. The large-screen splicing market will continue to flourish, and more and more LED small-pitch manufacturers will gradually enter this ranks. Whoever can make rapid progress will be able to live longer in the market. From the perspective of long-term development, in the face of market competition, LED display companies maintain technological innovation, products continue to improve and continue to innovate and develop. The large-screen splicing market is bound to win, and in view of its ever-increasing market threshold, it is obviously not all enterprises. Can be divided. Therefore, the expansion of large-screen splicing will become the touchstone of the market competitiveness of small-pitch LED display enterprises. The gains and losses will directly affect the long-term development of enterprises.

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