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FABULUX has been researching deeply on indoor LED display applications for years, and our professional R&D team has developed different platforms for indoor fixed solutions, just like our Inpad Series, Inpad PRO Series and Inpad Plus Series. Products of the Inpad family share the same features like super lightweight & thin, total front serviceable, structure-free and cost-effective, not to mention its Common Cathode LED technology, which is an optional choice for our Inpad family products too. The Common Cathode LED technology is implemented as a chip-level technical solution enabling key features such as low power & heat dissipation, high refresh rates, low brightness gray-scale, and low EMI. This allows adapters of Common Cathode technology to create efficient,  long-lasting displays from larger pixel pitch down to the very fine pixel pitch including sub 1mm. Our Inpad products have been widely used in conference rooms, chain-stores, retailers, shopping malls, airports, bus stations, control centers, banks, TV stations, etc. As our clients say, FABULUX Inpad products is just like the skin of the wall, you can install it in any indoor facilities, in any shape or form! FABULUX is always trying its best to bring extra value to our clients!

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