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Fabulux Shining at 2019 GITEX Middle East


Fabulux Shining at 2019 GITEX Middle East

The 35th 2019 GITEX was officially held on Dubai World Trade Centre from 5th to 10th , 2019 GITEX bring Fabulux product to the Middle East Stage. Deep cultivation of LED display application technology, excellent product performance benchmark, comprehensive and thoughtful service system, Fabulux is determined to expand the international market and ready to win the next station.

Dubai is so much rich and luxurious, it has always been the hub of the Middle East market, and known as the “Hong Kong” of the Middle East. GITEX as one of the largest and most extensive computer information exhibition in the Middle East, 2019 GITEX focusing on emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, future travel and smart life, GITEX has attracted thousands of companies from all over the world to attend the exhibition. Thousands of exhibitors from all over the world gathered here, all kinds of new technology stage competition, radiation countries business opportunities, Fabulux gets the sword can pull out the scabbard, shows the China style.

2019 GITEX Fabulux LED is providing hundred SQM Spider series LED screen for the booths here, it attracts a large number of tourists, on-site staff warmly received customers and made a in-depth conversation with customers to guide the experience, negotiated cooperation intension, it had a strong atmosphere.

Fabulux indoor rental application Spider Series is light in size, and Spider series with good protective measures around the box, which can prevent damage caused by collision during transportation, installation and disassembly, it can save people cost and material resources to a large extent. Spider series can be maintained by front and rear service, also Spider series has a innovative lock, can achieve creative screen design. Besides, 5 seconds to replace the power supply, in this way saves lots of time for people ,it improves work efficiency.

Rich and diversified products meet different market demands, which is the focus of customer attention. Overseas customer will have a future understanding of Fabulux through the 2019 GITEX, made Fabulux has a highly recognition and compliment in the international field. Fabulux will be dedicated into continuous innovation and strive to be a traveler of The Times.

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