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/Fabulux Outdoor LED Display Platinum Series Lights up in Pakistan

Fabulux Outdoor LED Display Platinum Series Lights up in Pakistan


Fabulux outdoor LED Display Platinum Series Lights up in Pakistan

Fabulux recently completed a stunning installation in Pakistan. Towering high above the exterior of the building is a 45sqm outdoor display made up of Fabulux Platinum Series LED product. The pixel pitch of the display is P6.67mm and addresses all the crucial considerations when designing for this type of environment. 

Platinum Series LED screen Helping to create an awe-inspiring impression for the building. The LED screen turned a highly interactive and dynamic environment and kept with the architectural design of the building. Exceptional quality and round the clock reliability are paramount. People always amazed by the Platinum Series LED product’s Compelling color performance and Stable quality.

There are many factors that need to be considered when the display screen is installed outdoors. The ordinary outdoor LED display screen is made of plastic material, after a long time of exposure to the sun and rain, it will be damaged and even cause a fire. The Platinum series adopts all aluminum bottom shell, which has a good heat resistance and stability, and has 5VB fireproof level and IP65 protecting level, which could be used normally in an extremely hostile environment. 10000nits high brightness, which can be clearly seen even in direct sunlight.

Platinum Series is one of the most innovative LED displays in the market that has been specially designed for outdoor applications such as Digital Signage System, Chain store, Street furniture, Billboard, Shopping Mall, etc. Light weight cabinet and front & rear service also make it become one of the most fast installation outdoor LED products. With a 960*960mm standard cabinet size, and different pixel pitch, offer various options for customer, suitable for any project application. 3840Hz high definition and contrast ratio helps the screen exceptional quality and more stable.

The director of the project comments: “Fabulux Platinum Series LED product was the perfect choice for this project and the visual performance is even beyond our own expectations.

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