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/Fabulux Launches F Series to Expand Outdoor LED Portfolio

Fabulux Launches F Series to Expand Outdoor LED Portfolio


Fabulux Launches F Series to Expand Outdoor LED Portfolio

Fabulux, as a professional LED display manufacturer, recently launched a new product-F series to expand outdoor family. This product combined into an innovative design, which has a great upgrade in product structure and performance. F Series features with excellent visual performance, could be front and rear maintenance, fast installation, and multiple installation methods, fixed installation or hanging installation, etc. This product provides system integrators and project contractors with excellent outdoor exhibition solutions.

Unique Cabinet Structure Design

The F series with a wide range of pixel pitch options available from  4mm-10mm and comes to a standard cabinet size of 960 * 960mm. Through a single cabinet connection, it can achieve fast installation and easy maintenance. F Series is suitable for a wide array of applications, including, including Billboards, stadiums, commercial screens, digital signage systems, exterior LED displays. At the same time, a reasonable price advantage makes the product stand out in many competitions.

High visual performance

Fabulux always selects high-quality and reliable raw materials on products, attaches great importance to the quality of its products, all products form Fabulux have been getting through a series of critical product tests. The F series boasts a high level of brightness, grayscale, contrast ratio and refresh rate,  and even in direct sunlight, it can maximize the appeal by providing dynamic and vibrant news. In addition, the F series can further ensure the flatness of the screen with its excellent die-cast aluminum panel, which can provide higher visual impact.

High protection level

The F series has a IP20 high level of protection. It can withstand the test of sun exposure and rain, can withstand any weather conditions and climate. This product provides excellent image quality without compromising on reliability. It offers weatherproof SMD and DIP configurations that can compete with direct sunlight and withstand rain, wind, and dirt, providing an outdoor digital display that customers could And truly rely on. And F series combines innovative waterproof design and heat dissipation system to increase the cooling rate by 30%,  so that the cabinet can be balanced heat dissipation, which greatly extends the service life of the product.

Fabulux has a good reputation among many overseas customers because of its excellent products and good service are the reasons why people choose. The vision of Fabulux is to provide rapid and first-class service to customers worldwide. Need more details please contact: +86 0755-61806688 or email to:

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